Things are changing.  Beginning January, 2010 I’ll start blogging here in addition to my other blogs.

I love blogging. It helps me clear my head.  I will always talk about the Lord, Oklahoma, my family, our journeys and now my passion.
New Territory Co. is my business.  It is a custom sewing, design and alterations business.  However, I am a frustrated artist so I will add some of my other works in the mix.  I will share my love of vintage clothes and vintage sewing patterns.  You will also meet me.  Yes, I will post a photo or two of myself and I will be on Facebook.
Through a dear friend of mine I have been given an opportunity to be a volunteer costume designer for a newly formed fine arts association in our local community.  I cherish my friend and this opportunity.  I think my kids will enjoy it too.  I want to share with you the design process and costumes.  I will also be taking custom orders for costumes, wedding dresses, evening gowns, corsets, children clothes, vintage and western clothes or whatever you may need.  The list is endless.
Also, my Etsy shop will be up and running in January, 2010, so have a great holiday season and I’ll see you here in about a month.
Territory Mom