Tonight is the second episode of Project Runway for this season.  Here is a little preview.  The designers go to a farm to find things to make a garment.  All I heard was burlap, which I think might be one of the better choices.  I checked around our little place and I could probably make a cool garment out of chicken wire, but how would I line it, with burlap?  I wonder if someone chose feed sacks.
You can still pick a team and apparently change your team from week to week.  At first I was going to pick Emilio and for some reason changed my mind.  He won the first challenge.  I might regret it but I think I will stick with my first choices.  You know the saying “dance with the one who brought you”, something like that.
More about my team later after the first set of scores are posted.  Also, just so you know I do not watch this show with my children are present.  It can get a little naughty.
Have a great day.
Territory Mom