Regarding my post about Miss Oklahoma USA’s dress I received the comment below from “Anonymous” :

The gown shown in your picture is actually Gionni Straccia.
 The gold dress she used for photo shoots is a Sherri Hill.
 She spent HUGE bucks on those gowns.. I really wish she had won!
I just want to thank “Anonymous” for setting the record straight.  Go to here to Nick Verreos’s website for more information about the dress and the designer Gionni Straccia.  Remember Nick from Project Runway, he didn’t win the competition but he has really made a name for himself which makes him a winner.
Also, my little girl wanted to watch that crazy show Toddlers & Tiaras and I could have sworn I saw a knockoff of Miss Oklahoma’s dress on a little beauty queen.  Don’t judge me for letting my little girl watch the show.  She just yelled at the girls to quit whining and thankfully she does not want to be in pageants, although she would win.
Anyway, sometimes anonymous comments are good, thank heavens I do have a moderator on them.  Now, if that Chinese guy would stop emailing me I would be very appreciative.
Have a great day.
Territory Mom