This is a 1947 Simplicity Pattern I just bought on ebay.  I have to be careful on ebay and etsy because I’m addicted to vintage sewing patterns.  I love, love, love them.  You have to be careful when buying vintage patterns because some of them are just copies, read the fine print.  This one I bought was the real deal but I didn’t pay too much for it.  Some I have seen for over $200.00 (I wouldn’t pay that much for anything)
Some of the pattern companies have started making new patterns from vintage called “Retro” patterns, which of course I have bought.  The oldest pattern I have bought is from 1907.  I was going to make vintage clothes in honor of Oklahoma’s 100th birthday.  One day I will make the 1907 pattern.
Thanks followers for sticking with this blog.  I’m getting back to it and making changes.  Soon I will post some of my sewing projects.
Have a great weekend.
Territory Mom