Gov. Mary Fallin
Normally, I do not write any post about political figures, but the moment I saw this dress I knew I had to share it with you.  One look and you know it’s a Sherri Hill dress.  I know this post should be on my OklaHome blog but since it is about fashion I decided to post it here.
We all knew we would have a woman as governor because Ms. Fallin’s opponent was a woman, Jari Askins.  No doubt if Ms. Askins had won she would have chosen fellow Oklahoman, Sherri Hill to design her dress for her inaugral too.  I’m mean who wouldn’t?  The two former first ladies of Oklahoma have worn her dresses to their husbands’ inaugrals.
You can click on the above Newsok link for more about the dress.
Now to Sherri Hill, according to this article from, two years ago Ms. Hill stopped designing for a New York company and went back to doing things on her own.  The Norman, OK designer designs cocktail outfits for The Wynn in Vegas, she is the official designer for the Miss Universe Pageant, she has designed costumes for the USO tours, Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert and so on and so on.  She is now designing for Snooki which is apparently a fun experience. 
Her daughter, Alisha Hill is also a designer, her daughter Kara Hall (apparently Hall is her married name)owns SerendipityProm in OKC and her son David is president of her company.  Click on the article for more information.
Did you know I love Oklahoma?
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