Once again she has rekindled an old memory.  I just read JenX’s post 80s-Fashion Prairie Dresses.  Oh yes, she went there.  I was going to comment on the post, then I realized it would be a page long so I decided to respond with a post.  I lived my entire high school years in a prairie dress.  I even wore a version for homecoming and an all white ensemble for my junior prom.  Oh, I’m wearing a plaid one with a lace collar in my senior picture.

Jen mentioned that her mom made all of her prairie dresses and I made all of mine.  This was my first prairie dress pattern:

The 1978’s version.  It was made with brown calico complete with matching vest.  Actually I had a little trouble with it so my mom’s friend finished it for me.
This pattern sustained me through high school:
I started getting a little more sophisticated with my prairie dresses.  Brooke and I are the same age so of course I wanted to look and dress like her.  I have several Brooke Shields patterns, but I’ll save my passion for her patterns for another post.  Do you have her workout wearables pattern too?
The pattern below was made for the pom squad’s dance to “Oklahoma”:
 I will not elaborate on the dance moves set to “Oklahoma”.  It was just sad and nothing like a broadway musical.
I probably have 10 sewing patterns for some style of prairie dress.   I later realized that I only needed one. 
I must admit that the curse of Gen X is that I continued to wear a version of the prairie dress until after the age of 35.  I know, I know!
In the 90’s I was making pretty good money and could afford a Carol Little version.  I wore it so much that it started falling apart.
In 1993 I was in a car accident in front of Quail Springs Mall.  I was wearing a beautiful silk one.  It had black glass buttons down the front.  I broke my wrist and had some other injuries so they had to CUT it off of me.  By “they” I mean the good looking ER doctor.  I don’t care that he was good looking he ruined my prairie dress.  It was devastating.  Anyway, I was able to save the buttons. 
And so that is the short version of my life with the prairie dress.  There aren’t anymore of them in my closet, however, I still have my sewing patterns.
I’m still in love with them and I see this in my future:
and my favorite:
These are out of price range but a girl can dream.  I have a feeling the girls at Double D are Gen Xers too.
Have a great day and long live the prairie dress!
Territory Mom