Beginning July 1, 2015 I will no longer be accepting custom orders. If you already have an order to me prior to July 1st it will be completed.  I may begin again after my new etsy shop is open.

This is the best thing for my clients. Having a child with special needs is a reward and a challenge. You never know what the day may bring. I just never know what will prevent me from getting your garment completed in a timely manner. I have never used this as an excuse for not getting things done or at least in my sewing. The last two months were beyond my control and things just did not get done to my satisfaction. I will help you find a seamstress in your area. Thank you for your understanding.

How to find me:

@TerritoryMom or my facebook page.

I’m keeping my prices up to reference. Shop and compare.

Custom sewing is $20.00 per hour.

Base price wedding gowns and formals: $200.00

ALTERATION FEES: These are the normal prices of various tailoring jobs. They are provided online for our customer’s convenience and because so many phone calls come in asking about pricing. Actual prices can sometimes be higher or lower, depending on the article of clothing presented.


Hems (regular) – $7

Hems (with cuff) – $10

Waist, Seat – $11

Waist, Seat, Crotch – $18

Waist, Seat, Crotch, Taper Legs – $25
Taper Legs Only – Starting @ $15

Change Zipper – $10


Hems (regular) – $7

Hems (with lining) – $14

Waist, Seat – $11 to $14

Waist, Seat (with lining) – $14 to $20

Waist, Seat, Crotch – $18

Waist, Seat, Crotch (with lining) – $27

Waist, Seat, Crotch, Taper Legs – $30
Taper Legs Only – Starting @ $15
Change Zipper – $10

Change Zipper (with lining) – $13

Change Zipper – $12 (invisible zipper)

Change Zipper (with lining) – $15 (invisible zipper)


Take In Sides – $15

Shorten Sleeves (Move Placket Up) – $13


Take In Sides (with 2 seams) – $25; Middle (3rd) Seam – add $17

Shorten Sleeves – $23


You have to really sweet talk me to work on jeans.


Hem with lining
Skirts – Starting @ $20
Dresses – Starting @ $25

Most other jobs (i.e. Wedding, Bride’s Maids, and Prom Dresses) will require that the article of clothing be reviewed by me for an estimate.


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